Dissed by a dog


This morning, while riding around Russell Creek park, I had an encounter with a dog.  Yeh, I know most ‘cyclists’ will have a dog story or two.  Frankly, I never understood those stories.  Sure I have been chased a few times by a dog; however, in every case, stopping and talking to the dog was enough for them to loose interest.  Today’s encounter was different.

This dog broke from the women holding his leash and started running after me…  Then he passed me.  Then he circled around and ran back in the other direction.  Then he passed me …  again…  The he circled around and ran back in the other direction … again…  The dog did this three or four times.  The last time he passed me he ran twenty (or so) yards ahead turned around and sat down staring at me…

Now I know people tend to anthropomorphize animals; however, I recognized the expression and body language as one I have worn many times.  It is best described as disgust with another person…  It took me a minute to realize what the dog was upset with me about, but I finally realized.  That it took me so long just goes to show, I am slow… in more than one way.  This dog clearly recognizes bicycles and realizes that people riding them present a bit of a speed challenge for it…  You see the dog was a Greyhound…  Yes, I believe that by circling me, it was challenging me to race it.  A challenge I clearly did not rise to, and frankly I think his disgust was at how slow I was I my speed enhancing machine when compared to his own magnificence…

My response, when I realized this, clearly moved me from possibly interesting all the way to a non-person.  You see, I had to stop my bike, get off, and sit down on the ground laughing.  It was only then that the dog started to return to his owner…  Yes, fido, I am very slow…


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