Inspired by the Bike Friendly Richardson photo scavenger hunt

As October comes to a close, I really enjoyed the photo scavenger hunt that Bike Friendly Richardson had organized for the month, that I decided to spend some time finding as many public sculptures, fountains, and memorials as I could in my town, Plano.  Earlier in the week, I took pictures of these two objects;


Dayle Hardy Memorial —  33.094099, -96.748526



Davis Public Library Windmill — 33.080163, -96.751457

and while getting the above photo after picking up a couple of books and dropping off my returns, I remembered that the library park has a great fountain/gazebo that I thought would be a great addition.


Prairie Meadow and Davis Public Library Gazebo and Fountain — 33.080163, -96.751457

So this morning I decided to go in search of an angel sculpture that I found online that appeared to be publicly visible on the grounds of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton church.  From the post online I found it looked like a really nice statue and appeared to be visible from the alley behind the church.  Unfortunately, when I got there, I discovered, that they apparently reinstalled the privacy fence after they installed the statue and the actual statute appears to be located in a private garden area for the church.  So, this one will not make the list.  On the way back I decided to take a shot of the fountain at Russell Creek Park.


Russell Creek Park Fountain — 33.096507, -96.753344

As I was riding toward this fountain, I passed some objects that I had ridden past hundreds of times; however, this was the first time I realized they qualified as sculptures!



Russell Creek Park Ball Sculptures — 33.095496, -96.756532

Well, it is a start.  I know of one other memorial that I want to add, the War memorial across the street from the library near Custer and Spring Valley.  If anyone has any others they are aware of, I would love to know about them.  Barring that, it will just be some more riding around town.   A great excuse for this whole idea!


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