If you aren’t having fun, you should be doing something else


I have spent a fair bit of time reading various bicycle related forums and blogs, and one thing has become eminently clear, most of those writing about cycling are angry.  The object of their anger varies greatly; however, they are still angry.

This really perplexes me.  I have found that riding has done wonders to relieve my own stress and anger.  While I spend a fair bit of time riding on the roads, I rarely encounter problem motorists–perhaps I simply don’t notice all of the things they do that seem to bother other cyclists.  A few unfortunate folks cycle as their only means of transportation due to lack of income and/or having their driving license revoked.  These are the only people who have an excuse for cycling and being angry.  For the rest of us, I offer the following wisdom; don’t do something like cycling if your not enjoying it.  You have choices.  If you aren’t happy with it, find something that does make you happy!

We should all try to stay in touch with the sheer joy that cycling first provided us when we first learned to ride as children.  Do you remember going out to ride for the sheer pleasure of riding?  Do you remember the sense of freedom it provided you?  Try to hold on to that.


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